Should I really vote for Trump?

Should I really vote for Trump

Even before Bernie’s prospects looked so slim, I’ve been shilling for Trump as a backup plan. Given that my circle of friends are mostly liberal elites, this has understandably caused a lot of backlash:

  • I’ve been yelled at (in-person)
  • I’ve received calls in the middle of the night from my concerned mother
  • I’ve been heckled en masse on social media

My favorite heckle came from a girl I dated briefly in law school.  In response to one of my pro-Trump Facebook posts, she wrote “moron” repeatedly in multiple descending comments…

moron moron
moron moron moron

I got the point.

The most common criticisms are that I’m not 100% serious or that I’m trolling for attention. The latter is false. As a fiscal socialist with a somewhat unhealthy obsession for the well-being of the commoner, I really do see the virtues of Trump. While other economic leftists haven’t quite recognized yet that Trump is a secret socialist, I’m not alone in acknowledging the potential. I’m also not alone in recognizing Clinton as an virulent strain of bourgeoisie, and rejecting her as such.

However, the former critique is partially true. While I’ve been watching Trump closely, I’m not 100% sure that I’m going to vote for him. I’m not a redneck Southerner or an out-of-work Rust Belt resident, so punching the bubble next to “Trump” isn’t a foregone conclusion for me.

On Tuesday, I will be publishing a post to defend some of my views on Trump.  In the meantime, I pose a few questions to all of you:

  • Why shouldn’t I vote for Trump?
  • Why should I vote for Hillary?
  • Or, why should I vote for Trump?

Please drop me a note here and give me some feedback. Really do it! I’ll address your comments in my upcoming post.

1 Comment Should I really vote for Trump?

  1. Jonathan

    Alright, happy to help out here. In my view, I think people should vote for who they like. Which means we should examine why one might like Trump.

    You stated above that you think he’s a secret socialist and that you are not alone in that thought. While that may be true, the question that one must ask next is how effective will a secret socialists policies be within the republican establishment? Nothing is getting passed into law without their consent if you run for president in their platform. Especially now that they’ve had 8 years to refine their gridlock politics techniques.

    You’ve also stated above that you’re a “fiscal socialist” slightly obsessed with the well being of the commoner . Trumps build a wall policy is going cost upward of $100B of tax dollars. There’s nothing fiscally socialist about this……nor is there any fiscally socialist about raising tariffs on imports by double digit percentage points as tariffs are passed on to the consumer, the commoners that wanted the cheaper products in the first place so that they could of them. As it’s the drive for cheaper prices that’s really hallowed out our country and contributed to the meteoric rise of a company like wal-mart to become the worlds largest and most influential company. The market (meaning the people) can’t suport that type of business model and expect jobs to stay within this country.

    There’s a whole host of other issues regarding Trump from my view but since those things were not mentioned above and some of those things (such as his temperament, the fact that his wife has naked playboy photos floating around out there, etc..) can be viewed as positives by some and I can understand that point of view.

    As for Hillary, I agree with your assessment and her families policies have really really fucked over black communities in America. But from a political perspective I’d say she’s at least predictable in that she will maintain the status quo established under Obama for good or for worse. But I’d say really examine what that status quo is before you knock it. Obama has made some incremental changes in some big areas where if those agendas were carried forward the country would be moving down the right direction in my opinion versus having any republican in office (from an establishment perspective).

    Just my two cents.


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