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Uber for Parking by Isaac Simpson Uber for Parking - (LA Weekly) I often find myself writing for or about startups and young entrepreneurs. This was one such article for LA Weekly that went viral...
Podcast Appearance: Defending Trump on “Not a Huge Fan” - I was on Charles Disney’s podcast “Not a Huge Fan” playing devil’s advocate in a debate about Donald Trump. It was the most downloaded episode of the show ever. Podbean Link iTunes Link    
Normcore by Isaac Simpson Normcore - (LA Weekly) Another favorite from the Weekly.
Nobody Hates Kendrick Lamar - By Isaac Simpson Nobody Hates Kendrick Lamar - Here's a post that made waves because it was a fresh take.
Memes by Isaac Simpson I Meme Business - My memes, blogs and videos have generated millions of clicks. Here are some of the popular memes that I've created recently. People seem to enjoy them.
Feminism and Corporate PR by Isaac Simpson Feminism and Corporate PR: The Circus of Empowerment - (VICE) My first major break as a writer came when Vice published a piece I wrote about traveling to Cuba. I spent several years writing sporadically for Vice, usually under a pseudonym. This, however, was the first Vice piece I published under my real name. I'm still quite proud of it, despite the controversy it caused...
An Interview with Bret Easton Ellis An Interview with Bret Easton Ellis - (Colaborator) I spent three years as the senior content editor and lead copywriter for a filmmaking community and social network called Colaborator, an organization that is still near and dear to my heart. One of our consistent content projects was a show called Gatekeepers...

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