On a tip from a friend on the Venice Beach Neighborhood Council, I approached Curbed with an idea for an investigative story. In Venice Beach, tensions were running high as the arrival of Google and Snapchat was seen, by some, as infringing upon the bohemian vibe of the historic neighborhood. There were some rumblings of a secession movement as a potential solution to the neighborhood's woes. Some Venetians believed separating from Los Angeles was the only way to maintain control.

The resulting longform piece took weeks of research and was published at over 3,000 words. It went viral, was shared over 10,000 times on Facebook and Twitter, received over 200,000 impressions and generated tens of thousands of comments. It became so controversial that Curbed opted to disable comments on the piece. It led to me being interviewed by NPR (KPCC), and asked to go on Good Day LA. 

A month after the Curbed piece was published, the LA Times published their own piece on "Vexit" on the front page.