CALL FOR IDEAS: Solutions to Police Racism

We are faced with a problem. Police are using violence against too many people, and against too many people of a certain identity. That’s tyranny, and, like all tyranny, it must be combatted.

On Facebook, however, we tend to focus on problems, not solutions. People often feel persecuted before they’ve even begun a discussion. This leads to reactivity, and reactivity leads to emotion, and emotion leads to unproductive conversations.

The marketplace of ideas is┬ánot just an opinion exchange, it’s also a concept factory. Let’s use it for the latter.

In this week’s blog post, I will be discussing solutions to the problem of police racism and I’m calling on you for your best ideas. “Solutions” mean practical steps that can be taken in order to solve the problem.

Solutions do not include:

  • Creative reiterations of the problem
  • Generalizations about “what police need to do” or “that they just need to do their jobs”
  • Personal attacks
  • Memes
  • Calls for violent retaliation against white people or police
  • Arguments that the problem is misidentified. While these may be valid, let’s stick to the premise as given.

Also, as a matter of discretion, I would encourage people away from Bandaid solutions that have already proven to be ineffective; increased “sensitivity training” and the like.

Your suggestions will be grouped and analyzed in a post appearing later this week. Excited to do some work on this problem.

Please write your suggestion in the comments section of this post, or on Facebook if you must.

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