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I’m an attorney-turned-writer based in Los Angeles. For a while there, “writer” was LA-speak for “bartender,” and I spent many sweaty nights in abject terror, apologizing to God and promising to apply to law firms the very next morning. Leaving law with a mountain of debt felt a lot like jumping off a cliff, and I should know, because I actually did jump off a cliff for a story. In both cases, I survived the fall.

My journalism, creative nonfiction, and essays have appeared online and in print with Curbed, VICE, LA Weekly, Medium (Premium), ANIMALS, The Daily DotComplex, and LosAngeles.com. My stories tend to be controversial, contrarian, and not-long-enough-to-be-boring. In the fall of 2015, I published my first book titled Philosophy and Fucking in Vietnam, a memoir about working for a high-powered law firm in Ho Chi Minh City. The publisher is Vandal Press, a small counter-cultural press in LA. The book is available to order in print and digital, and was carried by indie bookstores throughout LA and Chicago.

Philosophy and Fucking in Vietnam by Isaac Simpson

I also write for brands. You can find my full portfolio here. If you're a brand looking for a writer email me.

You can read the full story of how and why I left law here.


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